Paragliding, especially vol bivouac, is one of the most precious activities in life. My life that is. Maybe your life revolves around something completely different, something even more precious. That is fine with me. You probably won't waste too much time here. But if you are attracted by paragliding and nature, like the earth is attracted by the sun, this site might interest you.

Paragliding is a paradise above the earth. Vol bivouac extends that paradise to include the earth. This site might help you in discovering the beauty of being a big bird travelling through the mountains with nothing but his wing, his feet, and his desire to do so.

Beware though! Paragliding is also a risky activity. Over the years I have witnessed accidents and helped where I could, but lost flying friends nonetheless. As a community, as a flying family, we should help each other from ending up hurt or dead. The latter just might be too big a prize to pay for paradise. And most of all, it will keep you from flying. With this site I will have a wider audience to enlighten, than by simply talking with fellow pilots on take-off.

This site shares my experiences, both good and bad. There is a lot to learn and appreciate out there. You simply do not have the time or the number of lives to find out everything by yourself. I have learned by myself, as well as learned from other people. Some things I have learned the hard way. Either because there was nobody to teach me, or because the learning experience came a little bit earlier than expected.

Being prepared for eventualities helps me in mitigating risk. Sharing my experience might help you in mitigating yours, while increasing your delight of free flight at the same time. It might help you in avoiding (costly) mistakes. The greatest challenge you are facing as a pilot is to understand and accept, that only you (and no one else, such as me) is responsible for the risk taken. If you have an accident, then it is your fault. Period.

The best bet to minimize your risk, while optimizing your delight, is to know your limits and not to challenge them too much. Staying humble with respect to mother nature and her forces, also helps. Forces that could easily wipe you or me off this earth, just as easily as you wipe an ant from your arm. Humour and (self-)relativation helps me in staying humble, in staying alive. I have used it here and there to balance the serious stuff, as well as to help me (and you) reminding that our flying efforts are those of a chicken rather than an eagle.

To me, flying is about beauty. The beauty of nature, of discovery. The delight of playing a big clumsy bird that has just left its nest and is learning to fly. Much to the amusement of all the real birds out there. If you have not found that beauty yet, then let me try and help you find it.

Enjoy the site. Enjoy your flights, ...and fly safe!