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The articles below are likely to (re-)appear around the indicated dates. If there is no date given yet, then it could take a while before the corresponding article is published. Or the article could suddenly appear tomorrow, when I feel like writing it today. Shifting interests and priorities might cause the indicated dates to change without prior notice. It also depends on how much time I have left for website maintenance after more important activities, such as flying and earning some cash to pay for my flying, have taken their share from the always too tiny time budget.


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In order to facilitate the regular visitor's search for newly added knowledge, the titles and dates of the most recently added and modified articles are listed below. Hopefully this will diminish the laborious effort of scanning trough the information overload present on the website, until I have the time to create a search function. The latter is quite low on my priority list, considering there are ordinary search engines available that will do the same job when you include 'site:volbivouac.org' in your search.

2012-03-21  Trips
2011-11-14  Competition
2011-08-09  Wind revisited
2011-05-31  Equipment
2011-05-27  Clothing
2011-05-15  Tent
2011-05-06  Maps
2011-02-22  Lee side flying
2011-01-12  Wind
2010-10-30  Altimeter