Fairy tales
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For all those fed up with reading about the 'how (not) to' parts of vol bivouac, flying and hiking, here are some stories that address thoughts and feelings rather than know-how. Fairy tales from a personal perspective, which I dreamed up while waiting for the weather to improve. Even when I am travelling as a group of one, I am never really alone. Besides the people I meet, there is always me and my thoughts. I am a wanderer. When I am not wandering the earth or the sky, I am wandering around in my head. Usually I do both at the same time, which makes it hard for me to distinguish between reality and fiction. Am I really writing this? I just can't believe it.

Take my advice, do not listen to me.

My life is a dream. You can therefore safely assume that none of these stories ever happened outside my brain. Which should not prevent you from enjoying them, or being in them. It also means that any resemblance to persons either living or dead, locations and events, is purely coincidental. If you encounter yourself in one of the stories here, then let me embrace you as a fellow wanderer. Welcome to my world.