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Hiking and paragliding are risky activities, especially in the mountains. You can get (seriously) hurt or killed, even if you play by the rules and follow the required safety precautions. Make sure that you are properly trained, have the necessary physical and mental fitness, have the right equipment, as well as have the right mindset.

This site tries to show you the beauty of vol bivouac, while at the same time showing you its dangers. Hopefully you will get a better understanding of the risks involved by browsing the website. However, I am not your risk manager. It is you who decides what risk level is appropriate for you. You alone are responsible for your actions and their consequences. You put yourself in danger when you are not aware of the risks, as well as others.

Responsibility, liability, and disclaimer

The website is available at your own risk entirely, without any explicit or implicit guarantee concerning suitability and appropriateness for use. I you do not agree with that, then do not visit the site.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the word '' refers to the owner of the site as well as contributors to the site. declines all responsibility concerning the use or interpretation of the website. You have a brain, use it. You are adult enough to fly, so act in accordance with it. If you are not adult enough or do not understand what is being said on this page, then find someone to explain these condition to you.

As a prior condition to your use of the website, you agree with the above as well as spare from any responsibility or expense (including legal expenses) and from all compensation payable out of any legal action arising from your use of the website. does not guarantee a faultless and continuous functioning of the website. No guarantee nor any implicit or explicit declaration thereof is given, regarding the correctness and completeness of the information given or referred to by the website. and its contributors deny and declines any responsibility and liability for the information given or referred to by the website. The website and its contents may change any moment, without prior notice.

Intellectual property rights

Unless indicated otherwise, all contents of the website, including text, images, illustrations, photo's, and logo's, are owned by and protected by copyright and intellectual property rights. You may not change, copy, reproduce, distribute, make available to a third party, any website content without prior, written notice from

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